Serving the





 with healthy

 living options

Sober residency qualifications require that women be 18 or older.

At Sober Safe Communities, YOU get step by step directions to fulfill your individual recovery goals.

Success Plan

Our facilities are designed for your safety...we have housing capacity for 8 women.
At our facilities you discover how to move past your self-imposed limits & embrace healthy living.

We are a "wholeway" house:  Transitional  & permanent housing for  sensational Living without chemicals ... for anyone having one year minimum recovery

Transitional Housing for Females

Action is different from initiation.  At Sober Safe Communities, we encourage & support you in the personal initiation of your own specific recovery needs.  We assist you in creating the joy, abundance, freedom, love and beauty life has to offer when you finally accept personal responsibility for all your actions.



& safety

You must be employed, be willing to follow all rules, maintain a clean living space,attendall required meetings, refuse confrontation, fighting & commit to a sober & chemical free contract.

What if it's time to find the best living situation for  you - your safety - your ultimate addiction recovery?

How Are We Different?

You will design your own success plan with our help.  Our facilities are for the unafraid - those women daring to be brave in letting go of former lifestyles.

Ultimate Recovery

  • Track your daily feelings
  • Learn NLP recovery strategies
  • Introduction to 12 Soul Steps
  • Spiritual Understanding of addictions
  • Understand necessity of nature
  • Nutritional advice/intro to raw foods
  • Parenting Skills Information
  • Relationship Help
  • Healthy Families
  • Healing From Trauma
  • Recovery Counseling
  • Learning about Change